11 179 995 inhabitants (2016)
White 64.1%, Mestizo (mixture of European/Amerindian or European/ Mestizo) 26.6%, Black 9.3% (2012)
Roman Catholic 85% (prior to Castro assuming power), Protestant, Jehovah's Witnesses, Jewish, Santeria (2008)
$11 600 (2014)
Revolutionary Armed Forces (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias): Revolutionary Army (Ejercito Revolucionario), Revolutionary Navy (Marina de Guerra Revolucionaria), Revolutionary Air and Air Defense Forces (Defensas Anti-Aereas y Fuerza Aerea Revolucionaria); Youth Labor Army (Ejercito Juvenil del Trabajo).
    1) Source and destination country for men, women and children who are victims of sexual trafficking and forced labor. Forced labor is not considered an issue.
    2) End of the embargo from 2016 onwards.