48 563 476 inhabitants (2016)
Composite of Mediterranean and Nordic types.
Roman Catholic 94%, other 6%
$36 500 (2016)
Spanish Armed Forces: Army (Ejercito de Tierra), Spanish Navy (Armada Espanola), Spanish Air Force (Ejercito del Aire Espanola)
    1) In 2002, residents of Gibraltar rejected, by referendum, the principle of "shared sovereignty" between Spain and the United Kingdom.
    2) The country is at midst of nine territorial and maritime disputes, including the Persil islet, 200 meters from the Moroccan coast and 6 kilometers from the Ceuta enclave; The control of the enclave by Spain is also questioned by Morocco.
    3) North African, European, Latin American and Galician traffickers land drugs in Spain, which became a distribution country for the European market.