The political roles of the Fijian military – Hélène Goiran

“Since 1978, thousands of Fijian soldiers have been and are deployed in Lebanon and Sinai, as well as many other outdoor theaters, showing their courage and efficiency. Even today, because of their value, and in spite of the coup of December 5, 2006 and the international sanctions decided against the Bainimarama government, the UN entrusts the Fijian military with the protection of its representatives and its installations in Iraq.”

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Goiran, Hélène. 2011. Les rôles politiques des militaires fidjiens : Une histoire des guerriers, héros des conflits mondiaux, soldats de la paix, putschistes et hommes d'États, des premiers contacts avce les Occidentaux au gouvernement Bainimarama. Thesis. University of New Caledonia.

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